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A little late on the blogging today!  We had a great family day today.  It started with Church this morning and then we ate lunch with my aunt who was in from out of town.  After lunch we came home to relax and watch some NFL playoff football.  After the first game we decided to take the dogs to the dog park for some fun.  There were probably 50 dogs at the dog park.  I think the dogs and kids had a blast!  After we watched the sunset we came home and started our bedtime routine!  I thought i’d get a little personal since i’m always so short and to the point!  Here are some of my favorites from a Kids Day Out Program we shot back in September.  It wasn’t a real sunny day like the 2nd day we shot but we still got some great portraits.  Check back in a bit for our favorite portraits from our day 2 shoot.  The lighting was incredible!  I’m so proud of what we capture at preschool, daycare and kids day out shoots.  We usually have a very limited amount of time to shoot alot of children.  Usually 2-3 hours to shoot 50-100 kiddos!  Parents want variety so we try hard to get at least 3 or 4 different poses.  We try to shoot our programs primarily outside where i can flex my camera muscle a bit!  That usually means we are battling the morning light, the weather and don’t for get we’re shooting 50-100 kiddos.  All of these factors make me most proud of these portraits because we usually spend no more than 2-3 minutes per child.  If your child get’s nervous with a male photographer, No problem!  I’ll just walk away and Janie will start shooting.  I’m usually shooting and Janie is posing and making kiddos smile.  However if we get in a time crunch she can pick up a camera too.  If there’s a shy kiddo and i need to leave Janie will always pick up the camera and get them to smile!  Makes me mad every time. 🙂   If you would like to see Special Moments Photography at your preschool, daycare or kids day out program feel free to email us or share our blog with your school director!  Ok, i’m done!  Now take a look at these adorable kiddos!

Patton Family_0421 Patton Family_0425 Patton Family_0419 Patton Family_0423 Patton Family_0426 Patton Family_0422 Patton Family_0424 Patton Family_0427 Patton Family_0420


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