Hot Springs, Arkansas Preschool Portraits

Hi Friends,

We have the pleasure of traveling all over Arkansas photographing preschoolers.  It’s an honor and accomplishment we are proud of to have the ability to shoot these programs outdoors.  For years and years i worked for my family photography business shooting preschools with the same ole props and scenes.  At Special Moments we try to provide a classy, elegant and unique preschool photography experience at an affordable price.  We shoot all preschool programs outdoors when given the opportunity.   When we shoot indoors we strive for a classy look.  Have you seen our indoor preschool portraits on our Chevron backdrop?  Anyways,   We’re gonna add a few more programs this fall so get in touch with us if you’d like to see us at your preschool.  Now take a look at these adorable kiddos.

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