Rogers Arkansas Preschool Portraits | Arkansas daycare and preschool photographer

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Thanks for stopping by!  I wanted to share with you some of our preschool photography.  We have 45-50 preschool programs.  Special Moments Photography is your premier preschool, daycare, mothers day out and kids day out photographers.  If your interested in Special Moments Photography providing portraits for your preschool or school program feel free to send me an email anytime.  These are our favorites from just one preschool shoot.  We shot nearly 50 children in 3 hours with 2-4 poses for parent’s to choose from.  All images were captured on location at the preschool. 🙂

Patton Family_0418 Patton Family_0414 Patton Family_0415 Patton Family_0417 Patton Family_0416 Patton Family_0411 Patton Family_0409 Patton Family_0408 Patton Family_0412 Patton Family_0413 Patton Family_0410 Patton Family_0406 Patton Family_0407


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