Miranda & Mike Barrett Wedding – Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Hi Friends,

We have made our friends Miranda & Mike wait patiently for their blog post.  So we decided to include alittle bit of everything.   We normally don’t share alot of reception portraits but Miranda & Mike had the funnest reception ever!   We had so much fun at their wedding we didn’t want to leave!  We felt like family and had fun celebrating with all their friends and family.   Here are a bunch of our favorites from their special day!

Your friends,

Harold and Janie


_MG_4007 _MG_4014 _MG_4073 _MG_4070 _MG_4078 _MG_4054 _MG_4309 _MG_4311 _MG_4713 _MG_4091 _MG_4121 _MG_4148 _MG_4119 _MG_4152 _MG_4156 _MG_4162 _MG_4031 _MG_4038 _MG_4043 _MG_4280 _MG_4275 _MG_0176 _MG_4242 _MG_4229 _MG_0289 _MG_0340 _MG_4739 _MG_4752 _MG_4744 _MG_4760 _MG_4733 _MG_4723 _MG_4854 _MG_4899 _MG_4929 _MG_0076 _MG_0071 _MG_0184 _MG_0166 _MG_0077 _MG_0298 _MG_0295

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