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Hi Guys,

A few weeks ago i had shared on Facebook that we had partnered up with a new vendor and .   You can purchase any of their amazing gifts with code specialmoments10 and save 10% off your purchase.  I can personally say these products are amazing because they sent me a gift and it was personalized for me.   I received the gift ” A Box of Trust ”  .  It came with a personalized engraved wooden box , an engraved and personalized knife and a personalized flask!  How cool is that?  Even better it’s only $24.99 on their website!  For $24.99 i get 3 gifts that are not only awesome but personalized.  Don’t forget you can enter your code specialmoments10 and save an additional 10% off!  Checkout my images below of my amazing gifts!  Thanks and !


I know what all the guys in my family are getting this year!  Three amazing products, all personalized and only $24.99.  Even better, save 10% off with code specialmoments10

Here’s a link to the product i received if you’re ready to order:


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