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Hi Guys,

My friends over at www.groovygroomsmengifts.com have done it again!  They sent me a link to choose my gift.  Last time i chose  ” A Box of Trust ” . It came with a personalized engraved wooden box , an engraved and personalized knife and a personalized flask!  It was sweet and i use the box and knife all the time.  I have a beach trip coming up , maybe i’ll use the flask?  This time i chose ” Travel Marvel “.   I am blown away with the quality of this leather duffel.  It’s the perfect size to hold my contacts, razor , tooth brush, etc as we travel to the beach this week.  To top it off it looks good at the same time.  It’s a beautiful brown leather with a lifetime guarantee.  It’s made in the USA and only $59.99.  Here’s a few images of mine and below is a link to purchase yours!

Buy yours here:     https://www.groovygroomsmengifts.com/products/travel-marvel?variant=12306535186494

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