The Tupper Wedding | Folly Beach, South Carolina | 09-28-2013 | Arkansas and South Carolina Wedding Photographer

Hi Friends,

We were honored when Jessica chose us to travel to Folly Beach, South Carolina and capture her beach Wedding!   We were in Folly Beach, SC for right at a week.  We captured everything from her bridesmaids arriving to the airport, the Bachelorette party and even the rehearsal dinner!  We’re not gonna share everything with you but today we’re gonna share some of our favorite details and Special Moments!  While the girls were all getting pampered Michael the groom was surfing!  Now that’s how to relax on your Wedding day!  We hope you enjoy looking over this amazing couple’s Wedding and feel free to inquire about our destination Wedding packages!  We’re willing to travel anywhere, especially the beach! 😉

Come back soon!



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