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Chelsie + Brandon | Arkansas and Oklahoma Engagement Photography

Hi Friends, Goodnight or Good Morning!  This is probably my latest blog post ever. ( or earliest )  It’s Spring the time of year when we are the busiest.   This week we shoot 4 preschools, 3 engagement shoots, 3 families, 18 soccer teams, 12 softball teams, 2 weddings and a newborn. 🙂  If you visit the blog often get prepared to see alittle bit of everything.  Friday night we […]

Lindsey and Hagen part 2|Fort Smith Arkansas Engagement Photography

Hi Friends, Thanks for stopping by again today!  As promised i have our part 2 post of Lindsey and Hagen for you.  Below are some more of our favorites from their Southern Engagement Portraits.  If your interested in a Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 wedding date contact us asap!  We are down to just a few available Saturday’s. Hope to hear from you soon, Harold

Lindsey and Hagen part 1 | Fort Smith Arkansas Engagement Photography

Hi Friends, I hope this is your 2nd time on the blog tonight and you just saw the Ledford’s Maternity Session.  If not you should check it out when you done here. 🙂  Lindsey and Hagen are absolutely in Love which makes are job so easy.  They are also a stunning couple so we had an easy job.  Photography a good looking couple in love. No problem!  Check out our […]

Sara and Nick's Winter Engagement Session | Fort Smith Arkansas Engagement and Wedding Photography

Hi Everyone, I’ve been catching you up a bit on blogging the past couple days!  Hope you enjoy looking over everyone’s images.  This shoot was a bit different for us as we hopped in Nick’s truck and let him drive us around! Here are my favorites from  Nick and Sara’s mini engagement session!  I say mini because we normally shoot 45 minutes to 1.5 hours but it was extremely cold outside! […]

Holly and Jake's Engagement Portraits - Fort Smith, Arkansas Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Hi Everyone, We are excited to shoot Holly and Jake’s Wedding next fall.  We met this amazing couple in Fort Smith, Arkansas and took advantage of all the beautiful colors that fall in Arkansas provides us with!  I knew it was gonna be a breeze working with these two.  You could tell that they are so deeply in love with each other.  Take a look at what you get when […]

Ashley and Kenson's Engagement Portraits - Oklahoma Engagement Photography

Good Afternoon Friends,   Today we are traveling to Oklahoma to shoot Ashley and Kenson’s Wedding.  Here are some of our favorites from their engagement session.  We met this amazing couple at one of our favorite shoot locations in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  The lighting was perfect and this stunning couple rocked it out! Come back soon, Harold and Janie

Megan & Kyle's Engagement Session - Fort Smith, Arkansas Engagement Photography

Hi Friends, It was awesome to hear Megan was interested in our photography services.  It was even more awesome when we realized that would eventually mean shooting their St. Louis, Missouri Wedding.   Megan and Kyle made the drive in from St. Louis for their fall engagement portraits.  We had the perfect shoot locations picked out.  A waterfall, an amazing trail , out of this world tree’s , a golf […]

Koell & Joe's Engagement Portraits - Fort Smith, Arkansas Engagement and Wedding Photography

Hi Friends, We were pumped when Koell & Joe chose us as their Engagement and Wedding Photographers last November.  We knew our job was gonna be easy and fun.  This couple is not only gorgeous but so easy to work with.  It’s like we chose the dream couple but only they chose us?  How lucky could we be?  Checkout our favorites and stay tuned for their wedding blog soon. Your […]

Lauren & Duncan's Fall Engagement Portraits - Fort Smith and Van Buren Arkansas Engagement Photographer

Hi Friends, As promised i’m gonna catch up on blogging this week!  That will mean at least 2 blogs a day!  A few weeks back we met Lauren & Duncan for their engagement shoot.  We met at one of our favorite barn and field locations.  The weather was perfect and the fall colors were amazing.  Take a look a for yourself! Talk to you soon, Harold